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Unreleased&Rare Tracks
1974-1976 / Cheap Trick('77) / In Color / Heaven Tonight / Dream Police
All Shook Up / One On One / Next Position Please / Standing On The Edge / The Doctor
Lap Of Luxury
/ Busted / Woke Up With A Monster / Cheap Trick('97)
In Color Albini sessions /
2001- 2003
Early Days(1974~1976)
'74?  Tonight *Tonight and Hot Tomato combined into Dream Police later
   Hot Tomato
  Ain't Got You(live) *recorded during
Found All The Parts
recording 1979 - 1980
  Disco Paradise(live)  *recorded during
1st album recording
  I Was A Fool  
  Pain Pain  
   Son Of A Gun  
  Tom's Blues  
  Need A Little Girl(Just Like You) *recorded on Rick Derringer's
Guitars And Women album(1979) 
Cheap Trick(1977) unlreleased outtakes
  Disco Paradise see above
  Ultramental *written in Sick Man Of Europe
Later re-worked and became the middle part Of Dream Police
In Color(1977) unreleased outtakes 
  Heaven Tonight(1978) unreleased outtakes
Dream Police(1979) unreleased outtakes 
All Shook Up(1980) unreleased outtakes
  Machine Makes Money Written and sung by Tom Petersson.He play the song live Carmine Appice & Friends - Rock Super Session Japan Tour vol.1(1982)
Merry Go Round  
  No Reason Written by Robin Zander
Re-recorded for the unreleased
Robin's solo album
Countryside Blvd(2011) with the
new title "Was I Wrong"
Sleep Closes In  
   Why You're Here  
One On One(1982) unreleased outtakes  
  Fool Yourself  
  I'm Hot  
  Tell Me What To Do  
Next Position Please(1983) unreleased outtakes
   Invaders Of The Heart (instrumental version)  on Bun.E Carlos Tapes 1998
   Play By The Rules early,instrumental version of "You Don't Love Here Anymore" on
Bun.E Carlos Tapes 1998
Standing On The Edge(1985) unreleased outtakes
  Don't Ever Let Me Go Some parts of the song are used
in "If You Need Me"
on Busted album
  Lesson In Love  
The Doctor(1986) unreleased outtakes  
  Dance To The Drummer  
  Happy Death  
Lap Of Luxury(1988) unreleased outtakes 
  A Long Way From Memphis  
  A Taste Of Your Love  
   If Only My Girl Was A Little More Like You  
  Ready For The Sun   
  Right Between The Eyes  
  We'll Still Be Hangin' On  written by Rick Nielsen and Jonathan Cain. recorded on the album Glamour(1988) of the
Japanese rock band SHOW-YA
  Women Never Forget  
Busted(1990) unreleased outtakes  
Woke Up With A Monster(1994) unreleased outtakes  
Don't Blame It On Love re-recorded in 1996
  Down Down re-recorded and revised as
"Baby Talk" in 1996
I Hear You Knockin'  re-recorded with Steve Albini
in 1996
  Locked Up Deep In My Heart  
Cheap Trick(1997) unreleased outtakes
  Brand New Name  
  I Got A Lover   
  Miles And Miles Away  
  Night Time World played live in 2001
  Pepsi jingles some versions are recorded for
Pepsi commercial. reworked and re-recorded as
"Everyday You Make Me Crazy"
of The Latest album
  Radio Lover 
  Riff That Won't Quit  
  Tell Me What I Need  
  Turn Your Head Around  
In Color Albini sessions(1998)
Steve Albini produce version of In Color album.
I'm Losing You(John Lennon cover) was recorded at the same time
Hello There  
  Big Eyes  
  Downed originally recorded with
Steve Albini in 1996 
  I Want You To Want Me  
  You're All Talk  
  Oh Caroline  
  Clock Strikes Ten  
Southern Girls  
  Come On, Come On  
  So Good To See You  
  Fan Club  
  I Want You To Want Me(alternate version)  
  Can't Hold On  
  Oh Caroline(alternate version)  
I-95(instrumental) played live between
2002 to 2003?
   It's A Matter Of Time played live in 2001? 
Night Time World  played live in 2001?
 She's All Right played live between
2000 to 2001? 
She's So Bad played live between
2001 to 2002? 

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