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Apr  Oh Candy/Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School  
   Elo Kiddies/Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace Europe 
Aug  I Want You To Want Me/Oh Boy(instrumental)
Nov  Southern Girls/You're All Talk  
   Clock Strikes Ten/So Good To See You
   So Good To See You/You're All Talk  
May  Surrender/Auf Wiedersehen  
Aug  California Man/I Want You To Want Me  
Mar  I Want You To Want Me(live)/Clock Strikes Ten  
July Ain't That A Shame(live)/Elo Kiddies  
Sep  Dream Police/Heaven Tonight  
Nov  Voices/The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)
   Voices (promotional 12")  
   Way Of The World/Oh Candy  
   I'll Be With You Tonight/He's A Whore & So Good To See You UK
Apr  Everything Works If You Let It/Way Of The World/Heaven Tonight
Oct  Stop This Game/Who D'King  
   Everything Works If You Let It(short/long) (promotional 10")  
   Everything Works If You Let It (promotional 7" bonus 45)  
   Day Tripper (promotional 7")
   World Greatest Lover/High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise  
Aug Reach Out/I Must Be Dreamin'  
May  If You Want My Love/Four Letter Word  
Sep  She's Tight/All I Really Want  
   Saturday At Midnight/Love's Got A Hold On Me  
   I Want You/Lookin' Out For Number One
   Saturday At Midnight(super dub mix/super new dance mix)  
   Saturday At Midnight/One On One  
   If You Want My Love/She's Tight (memory Lane re-issue)  
Aug  Dancing The Night Away/Don't Make Our Love A Crime
   Dancing The Night Away/I Want You To Want Me/Ain't That A Shame  
Nov  I Can't Take It/You Talk Too Much
   Next Position Please Europe
  Dancing The Night Away(long)/Dancing The Night Away(short)
/I Can't Take It (promotional)
Mar Up The Creek/Up The Creek(Acapella intro)
July  Tonight It's You/Wild Wild Women  
Nov  Tonight It's You/If You Want My Love/I Want You To Want Me (12")  
   Tonight It's You(edit)/(single edit) (promotional 12")
   Little Sister (promotional 12")  
   How About You (promotional 12")  
 Tonight It's You(Album version)/Wild Wild Women
I Want You To Want Me/If You Want My Love
UK 4 track
Jun Mighty Wings/Dog Fight #3  
   Mighty Wings Japan
   Mighty Wings (promotional 12")  
Nov  It's Only Love/Name Of The Game  
   Kiss Me Red/Name Of The Game
   Kiss Me Red(promotional 12")  
   It's Only Love(SV)/(LP version) (promotional 12")  
Mar  The Flame/Through The Night *cassette released in April  
July  Don't Be Cruel/I Know What I Want(live)  
Sep Stop That Thief/The Berlin Theme  Japan
Oct  Ghost Town/Wrong Side Of Love *cassette released in November  
   The Flame(short)/(long) (promotional 12" in checkerboard sleeve)  
   The Flame (promotional checkerboard CD and inlay)  
   Don't Be Cruel(Big New Mix) (promotional CD w/picture inlay)  
   Ghost Town (promotional)  
   Let Go/No Mercy  
   Never Had A Lot To Lose (promotional)  
Jan  Never Had A Lot To Lose/All We Need Is A Dream
Jan  All We Need Is A Dream/Never Had A Lot To Lose (withdrawn cassette)  
  You Want It/other artist (promotional)  
July  Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love/You Drive I'll Steer  
July  Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love(Radio Mix)/You Drive I'll Steer  Japanese CD
Oct  Wherever Would I Be/Busted
*Japanese version CD released in November
   Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love (promotional CD w picture inlay)
   Wherever Would I Be (promotional CD w picture inlay)  
Jan  If You Need Me/Big Bang (withdrawn cassette)  
   If You Need Me (promotional)  
  Magical Mystery Tour(long/short) (promotional)  
   Woke Up With A Monster (promotional CD)
   Girlfriends(radio edit) (promotional CD)  
Mar  You're All I Wanna Do/Cry Baby *US version released in September Japan
 You're All I Wanna Do(edit/album version) (promotional CD)  
   You're All I Wanna Do (promotional CD single) Japan
May  Never Run Out Of Love/Ride The Pony Japan
   Didn't Know I Had It/Love Me For A Minute/Sabre Dance Europe
  Cold Turkey(Fade Mix/Video Mix/Tribute Mix) (promotional)  
Jan Christmas Christmas/Come On Christmas ("Gift"EP)  
Apr  Say Goodbye/Yeah Yeah  
   Say Goodbye/Voices(live)/Surrender(live)  
   Baby No More/Anytime/Brontosaurus (promotional CD)  
Apr  Carnival Game/You Let A Lotta People Down Japan
   Carnival Game (promotional CD)  Japan
    Scent Of A Woman(Edit)/Scent Of A Woman(Full Length) (promotional CD)  
   Scent Of A Woman(Live)/Scent Of A Woman(LP Version)/
My Obsession(Live)/My Obsession(LP Version) (promotional CD)
   My Obsession (Radio Edit) (promotional CD)  
   My Obsession(Radio Edit)/Come On Christmas (promotional CD)  
  Too Much (promotional CD)  
Apr  Perfect Stranger (promotional CD)  
   Perfect Stranger/Welcome To The World
   If It Takes A Lifetime (promotional CD)  
   Come On Come On Come On (promotional CD)  
Jan No Direction Home  
Feb  When I Wake Up Tomorrow  
Apr I'm Waiting For The Man(live)  
Apr  Long Time Coming  
Oct Merry Christmas Darlings  
May  The Summer Looks Good On You  
Jun Ambush *Harry Nilsson cover.
On the album This Is The Town:A Tribute To Nilsson vol.2
Nov Gimme Some Truth
*John Lennon cover
released as Black Friday 2019
Record Store Day exclusive
7" record
Nov I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (Live) (featuring Roy Wood)
*Roy Wood cover
Sep Rebel Rebel
*David Bowie cover
Jan Light Up The Fire  
Mar  Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll  

Through The Night
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