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Cheap Trick Live In Japan 1992 
May,6 at Nakano Sun-Plaza Hall
 I can vividly remember the scene I was struggling with circulation of the heavy distortion at the very end of the right side of the hall,which holds about 2000 people.(It took me a long time to find the fact Sun Plaza is famous for it's great acoustics. It was the "worst" seat I ever took!) Frankly,though,I could care less about these problems at that time. (Even if the guys looks like ants) You know,that was my very first rock concert!! I was just extremely happy to see them playing. :)   To hear the introductation of I Can't Take It,I jumped to my feet and screamed  Yeaahhh!! Then I looked around and found everybody was standing calmly,just gazing at them playing. How I was embarassed! :o And so I tried to be polite.....couldn't keep it up even a minute after all! LOL Hardly had I recognized the sharp riffs of Standing On The Edge,when I bounced up again with joy. Sang it aloud. (The good thing is that the echo of the heavy noise drowned my terrible shout perfectly. Also,since my seat was at the very rear end,no one could see my obnoxious look all through the show.) As this was not a tour for the support of the album(Kinda special Japan tour.....?? :-) ),they played some rare songs besides Standing On The Edge. Walk Away,though I was not into this song before,its live was very passionate.Magical Mystery Tour bridged the two slow songs -- Heaven Tonight and Voices.But the biggest surprise of the day was In This Country(from the motion picture soundtrack,Over The Top). Which was used as a theme song for the TV program of Formula One racing and made a big hit at the time. I remember Robin's a bit rough voice showed off this sort of stron song very well. I found out this was the only CT live I could hear On Top Of The World....Oh well.As I recall their performance on this song was the highlight of the show. Its live exceeds any of the CD version ever recorded! Robin's thoroughly controlled voice brings the song up to the farther level along with Rick's excellent solo part. I really hope to hear On Top Of The World live one more time!
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