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Are you doing that because it's sweet or ... 

       At one of the shows in Rockford, Rick asked Bun E. if he wanted to say anything and he yelled back that he wanted to say "Hi" to his wife.  Everyone in the place went "Awwww" and Rick said "Are you doing that because it's sweet or do you just feel sorry for her?"  That was pretty funny. 
                                                                                  -- Debbie L --

Budokan made Cheap Trick famous,Cheap Trick made Budokan famous

Business card

I think of the picks as advertising. It's my business card.

Celine Dion sucks?!

 TF 2- someone yelled out "Celine (Dion) sucks!"
RN: "Celine sucks?! I woulda dated her"!   
                                                                               -- Stephanie T --

 I got a true story about this Celine thing from my friend Adam!! (8/9/2002)

  I have a confession to make...I was looking at your Rick quotes and I was the one who screamed  "CELINE SUCKS".

 The reason why I screamed it was because they were about to sing "Didn't Know I Had It" and Rick said that the song sunk like the Titanic.  At the time, the movie "Titanic" had just come out and Celine Dion sang the song from the movie!

 It was a proud moment for me at the time!  I was thinking - "yes yes, Rick acknowledged me...LOL" !!
                                                                              -- Adam W. B. --

  I don't know,but everybody knows today's Tom Peterson's birthday.
   (Live in Japan 1994)

 Do you want me to put a stamp on it ...

  At TrickFest 3, during the autograph session, I brought a birthday card with me and asked each of the members to sign it, since my birthday was the next day.  Rick was the first one I asked.  He thought it was funny that I'd bought a card for myself, so he joked, "gee, do you want me to put a stamp on it and mail it to you, too?"  It was really funny! :)  He was really sweet and signed the card, "Love and kisses."  My buddy Janice took a picture of me kissing him on the cheek after he signed my card , and you can see it on my site in the TF3 autograph session photos.   Have you seen it ?
                                                                                         -- Jan --

    Drooling ass?!

 A guy was asking if his girl could come up and give Robin a kiss, "cuz she's been drooling her ass off over him all night"- RN: "Drooling ass?! Sounds like she needs some depends!"
                                                                                       -- Lisa J -- 

The first thing I did when I got to Japan was to buy a brand-new(Japanese) guitar


Another time, I was at a show in Alabama with a friend of mine.  We saw the band after the show.  One of their crew members, a friend of mine, came by to sit and chat with us.  As he was walking out to the bus, Rick saw the three of us sitting there and walked over to say hi.  We didn't jump up and rush to him like giddy fans.  We sat where we were, simply smiling at him and saying, "hi" and "great show."  My friend Paul introduced us (although we'd both already met Rick several times before) and Rick responded, "yes, I was watching them at the show tonight ...they're GORGEOUS!"   Needless to say, that made our night.                           
                                                                                             -- Jan -- 

How many orgasm...?
  Last year we saw them in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The first night, a fan yelled at Rick that it was her 20th show.  Rick said, "Big fuckin' deal, I've been to them all."  After that he laughed and shook the lady's hand. 

 The next night he pointed out this same woman in the crowd and told everyone it was her 21st show.  Then he asked, "You know what you get with your 21st show?  Free orgasms for life!" 

 Of course, everyone laughed at that, then Rick looked straight at me and said, "Lisa, how many orgasms have you had?"  Apparently everyone around me gasped, but I misunderstood.  I thought he asked how many shows I'd been to so I said, "It'll be 19 on Saturday!"

 Rick got a funny look on his face and muttered something like, "I thought it would be more than that" before dropping the subject.                                                                           
Of course I didn't realize all this until after the fact.  When I was told what Rick had really said, I turned about ten shades of red!   
                                                                                    -- Lisa J -- 

 If you know this song,sing along. If you don't know it,sing along anyhow.

Walk-Don't Run(The Ventures) is the last song I tried to learn. So it's tough enough to learn Cheap Trick songs.
(MTV Japan 1990)

What exit?

While at the Humphries show in San Diego, CA, Rick goes where is everyone from??  So I kept yelling New Jersey, He' goes Germany & I go, no Jersey, then Tom puts his two cents in and goes What Exit?? (then the rest was history, cause the phrase stuck with me)

 Following show in Vegas I see Rick eating his lunch & I said Hi Alice from New Jersey & He goes What Exit??

 So from then on at the remainder CA shows in July & the ones in Sept.  Rick would go I see we have our fan here from NJ, What Exit??  He was surprised to see that at the HOB in LA, when I ran into him coming off the elevator, I said hey Rick look what I made especially for you (it was my Exit 162 sign) He goes are you taking that to the show??  I was like no I'm carrying it around for the hell of it, DUH.  Anyway that night he announced from the stage that we have a girl here from NJ, we don't know what town she comes from , but we sure know her exit & then he brought my signon stage. (if you need pictures of that I have it, plus you can see them on Jan's website!)

 Anyway I thought that was cool.  My friend Voices 909 from the boards for a Christmas present had a special long sleeve t-shirt made up for me that says WHAT EXIT??  Then underneath it says EXIT 162!!
                                                                                   -- Zandergal --

   A brand new band

  I thought it was really funny on the Woke Up With A Monster tour when he kept saying "We're Cheap Trick and we're a brand new band."  
                                                                                     -- Jaci k --    

   You should have married one of us

  Well, this isn't really a nationally known quote.  In fact, there are very few that would know it, but when my Dad told Rick I'd gotten married he said:
 "What?  You should have married one of us!"
I thought it was funny.  Then Robin said "Yeah, you should have married one of us"   My husband, who was with us was a good sport about it.
                                                                                      -- Jaci k --

Special thanks to:
Adam W. B., Allie, jaci k, Jan, Lisa J, Stphanie T
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